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How can I create an account? ChildAngle perks I will get?

Is an account required to place an order? Can I check out as a guest?

No. You don’t need to create an account to place an order with ChildAngle. You just need to provide your email address for order confirmations and order tracking when placing the order. Moreover, it won’t result in any type of email subscription or e

Why Would I Create an Account with ChildAngle?

A: To create an account with ChildAngle, there are many benefits you will get before and after placing the order: 1. Track orders with ease; 2. Keep order history and review past purchases; 3. Save personal details for faster shopping experience ne

How do I create an online account?

Creating an account with ChildAngle to get the above benefits are super easy:. Step 1. Click on the Portrait icon on the top right.Step 2. In the pop-up, you will see several options. Click on “Register”.Step 3. In the next interface, you need to inp

What will my personal information be used for?

Your personal info such as name, shipping address, phone number, and email address are collected by us to process the order or respond to your request. We guarantee that no private info of our customers will be given/sold to any third-party companies

I am having trouble accessing my account, how do I retrieve my account?

The simplest way is to reset your password. Step 1. Click the Portrait icon from the top right. Hit on “Sign in”. Choose “Lost your password?” as shown below.Step 2. In the next interface, you need to enter the email address associated with yo

How do I add/update my address?

Log into your account and the “Sign in” and “Register” icon becomes “Account” and “Log Out”. Step 1: Choose “Account” and move on.Step 2. As shown below, you can check your order history, and your account details, and view your address.Step 3. If wan

How will I know when new products are available?

Just subscribe to our newsletter. We will send new arrival emails to your email if you’ve opted in. Just sign up to get a discount here.

I’d love to start receiving ChildAngle newsletters. How do I sign up?

From the bottom right corner of ChildAngle Homepage, you will see a newsletter signup section. Input your email address and hit on “Go!”. Now, you’ve opted in Childangle newsletter and you will receive an email notification when new products are rele

Will I receive spam email from ChildAngle?

Of course not! You will receive the emails only when exclusive offers or discounts are available or new products are released.

Why am I not receiving newsletters from ChildAngle?

Please confirm that you input the correct email address when subscribing to our newsletter. If the email address is correct but you still can’t receive a newsletter from us. Please check both your spam/junk folders for emails. To stop ChildAngle news