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Coupon & Discount

How can I get a discount code? How many coupons I can use for an order? How often do you run a promotion?

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Place an Order

How can I place an order? How quickly will my order be proceeded? What does the status on my order mean?

8 articles
Shipping & Pickup

When will my order be shipped? Will I be charged an extra shipping fee If items in my order are shipped separately? My parcel is missing, who should I contact?

5 articles
Checkout & Payment

What payment method do you accept? Fail to complete the checkout? How to fix it?

6 articles
Delivery & Tracking

Where’s my parcel? I can’t find my package after getting a notice of delivery? Nobody’s home when the parcel is out for delivery, can I rearrange the delivery date?

9 articles
Products Inquiry

How to set up baby monitor? How to choose the best size with your sizing chart? How to inflate the yard inflatables? How can I clean up the electric nasal aspirator?

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General Inquiry

How often are new products launched? How do you use my personal data? Are my order safe with you? What messages will be sent to me?

12 articles
Account & Subscription

How can I create an account? ChildAngle perks I will get?

10 articles
Returns & Refund

I don't like the item after receiving the parcel, what should I do? What is your return policy? Can I return multiple orders in one shipment? When will I get a refund?

11 articles
Gift Card

Can I give a gift card to someone else? How do I purchase a gift card? Will the gift card expire?

8 articles
Reviews & Feedback

How can I leave a product review? I have some ideas for the website, whom should I contact?

3 articles

How can I earn points? Will points expire? How do I redeem points? Will my points gone if I cancel my order?

9 articles