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Shipping & Pickup

When will my order be shipped? Will I be charged an extra shipping fee If items in my order are shipped separately? My parcel is missing, who should I contact?

Do you offer in-store pickup?

While we don’t have any local retail store and aren’t able to allow customers to visit our warehouse and pick up your orders, the great news is that even with our standard shipping, shipping to NY, NJ, CT, and PA will arrive lightning-quick - usually

How will I know when my order has shipped?

In-stock merchandise typically leaves our warehouse within 2 business days from the time we process your completed order. Depending on the time of year, some orders ship within a couple of hours. Once your items are shipped, you will receive an order

Multiple shipments for a single order?

If there are multiple items located from different warehouses, it is likely that we will separate your order into multiple shipments. So, the parcels might arrive on different dates in separate packages.

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship within the US but we will consider making international shipping available in the future.

If items in my order are shipped separately, will I be charged for extra shipping fee?

As long as you place one single order shipping to one address, you will not be charged extra shipping for a split order.