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How can I earn points? Will points expire? How do I redeem points? Will my points gone if I cancel my order?

How do I check my balance? How can I know how many points I have earned?

As long as you keep your account signed in, your reward points balance will be listed in the reward section. You can check the detailed info in the “MY REWARDS” section.

How long does it takes for the points to be posted to my account?

You will get your points ready once you complete the reward promotion.

If I make a return, will the points I get from purchasing promotions been removed as well?

When you refund an item, you lose the associated credit.

Do my points expire?

No, your points will never expire.

How can I earn points?

Choose the second option and you will see the campaigns listed. Choose the one you want to complete. After completing, the new points you earn will be added to your balance. Please be sure to check back often because we will add new great ways to ear

Is there any other way I can get more discount for shopping with ChildAngle?

We value customer reviews very much. So, we will give an attractive discount as a reward for submitting a customer review on our website. Contact me if you are interested in reviewing it.

How do I redeem the points?

Simply click on “GET REWARDS” and choose the reward option as you wish. After that, in the pop-up interface, hit on “Redeem” to exchange points for order discount.

How do I participate your rewards program?

We encourage our customers to join our rewards program. Just click on “EARN REWARDS” from the bottom right button and click on “Create Account” to get an account. Once you successfully get an account with us, you can join our rewards program and get

I am trying to share your site with my friend but my friend can’t get an email?

Please check if the offer was sent to your Spam or Junk folder; check for typos in your friends’ email (That sometimes happens when entering an email address); Make sure your friend has shopped with us before. If so, they do not quality for our refer