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General Inquiry

How often are new products launched? How do you use my personal data? Are my order safe with you? What messages will be sent to me?

Do you sell to resellers?

Sorry, currently we only serve our customers only. Orders to resellers will be canceled.

What text messages will send to me?

We will send you text messages when the order is successfully made and shipped. We will keep you posted about the order process.

My credit card is saved on file. Why do I need to enter my CVV number when I order?

We are not allowed to save your CVV number on file by law. So, you will be required to enter the CVV number every time you place an order with us.

What kind of information do you collect from me when I visit your website?

We only ask for and collect personal information if you sign up an account with us, place an order, inquire about the order status, or contact us regarding an account issue.

What do you do with my email address?

ChildAngle collects your email address when you sign up for an account with us. We will only use it to keep you up to date on products release, promotions, and responses to your email inquiry. Shipment status will be followed-up and sent via email if

How do you use my personal information?

We use cookies and other technologies to know our customers’ preferences better and improve the design and content of our website. Keep in touch with our customers regarding email communications. If you disable cookies you may have limited access to

How often are new products launched?

We source and add products to our online stores frequently and provide discount promotions from time to time so please check back often for great deals.

It says “404 Page Not Found” when I clicked on a link to a page. What is wrong?

That happens from time to time. All website pages are subject to change especially when new products arrive or styles are sold out. So the URL of the products may be outdated or incorrect. If you are looking for a specific product, please use our sea

How do I know shopping with you is secure?

ChildAngle takes your security seriously. We have taken many precautions to ensure that shopping at ChildAngle is safe and secure. You will see our domain name starts with HTTPS or a little lock in the corner next to our URL. That means our website i

Will I be charged for text messages from you?

ChildAngle shipping confirmation text messages are free of charge. But there may be a charge from your mobile carrier. Please contact your carrier for charging details.

I am looking for gifts for Children’s Day. What do you recommend?

Please visit our ChildAngle shopping store. We provide various collections of kids' stuff. If you are not sure what your kids love, you can also consider a ChildAngle gift card for a gift that everyone will appreciate. If you need further assistance,

Where are your kids swimsuits and toys made?

At ChildAngle, customer satisfaction and the well-being of children are our top priorities. We strive to provide high-quality and safe products that bring joy and fun to kids everywhere. We source our products, including kids' swimsuits, toys, and ch