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Delivery & Tracking

Where’s my parcel? I can’t find my package after getting a notice of delivery? Nobody’s home when the parcel is out for delivery, can I rearrange the delivery date?

The tracking number I get from you isn’t working?

Once your items are successfully shipped, we will email you the tracking number. You can see the latest shipping status. However, it generally takes several hours before the carrier collects your parcel. That is the reason why you don’t get a clue wh

Why is the shipment getting really slow?

On busy seasons like New Year’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Halloween, and Christmas, the logistic gets really busy and your parcel might arrive a little bit later than usual. If it is a gift for your children on a special day, ple

When will my order arrive?

Orders will be processed and shipped within 2 business days. You can expect it to arrive within a week. The order status will be sent via email to keep you posted.

Why there’s no shipping update on Sunday?

ChildAngle ships Monday - Friday and packages are delivered between 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. Monday - Saturday. So, if you place the order late Friday after or on the weekend, please kindly understand that your order will not be processed before the com

One of my parcels are missing. Whom should I contact?

This is not frequently happen but if you are encountering an incomplete shipment, please report it to us immediately with your order number. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Once we receive your feedback, we will check the sta

Nobody’s home when the parcel is about to be delivered, can I change the delivery date?

You will receive a delivery notification as well as the contact information of the courier. You can contact the courier to rearrange the delivery time.

My shipment arrived later than expected. Whom should I contact?

Delivery dates are estimates based on ideal conditions. However, it may have a little bit delay, especially during peak sales events. If you don’t receive your parcel on that exact date, don’t sweat it, your parcel is on its way.

Why was my order returned to your facility?

If the package is deemed undeliverable by the courier, the parcel will be returned back to the original shipper. Some common reasons why the parcel is marked return to sender are a typo in the address, inputting the wrong zip code, or leaving off an

I can’t find my package after getting a notice of delivery. Where’s my parcel?

Regularly, when your order is ready for delivery, you will get an email and text message notification. If you don’t receive the parcel, please check your porch, lobby, mailroom, or check with your neighbor. If it still doesn’t show up, please feel fr