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Wired or wireless baby monitor? Which one do I need?Updated 4 months ago

After knowing the difference between wired baby monitors and wireless baby monitors, you have a clearer idea of which one to choose. It all depends on your specific requirements:

  • If you have a big house and want to look after your babies in the playroom from the kitchen? Then both wired and wireless baby monitor works for you;
  • If you want to see whether the baby is all good with the babysitter, a wireless baby monitor will be great to check from your workplace;
  • If you don't have a stable wifi connection, a wired baby monitor will be great;
  • If you don't want any app installed on your phone, a wired baby monitor would be for you;
  • If you want to keep the video recordings for a longer time, a wireless baby monitor with an external SD card will be good;
  • If your toddlers keep running around in the room, a baby monitor with pan, tilt, and zoom feature will be a lifesaving option for you;
  • ...
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